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About The Intention Wellness Center of Tustin

We are a unique healing center that has been delivering quality holistic wellness care to the Tustin area since 1998.

What Makes Us Unique?

The overall health of the spinal cord is the main focus of Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. work. Your spinal cord is your lifeline. It is the source of everything you think, say or do. The current state of your spinal cord dictates how well you are adapting to whatever the world is throwing your way (your environment). Also, your spinal cord determines how well you heal from excess stress – all traumas, toxins & negative thoughts (worry). Thus, a healthy and happy spinal cord allows you to get the most out of life.

We believe that getting more out of life should not be a difficult task. Here at The Intention Wellness Center of Tustin we are dedicated to the overall health of your spinal cord so that you can adapt, heal and continue to grow into whatever you were meant to be. Using a combination of ancient healing wisdom and the latest scientific information available, we have created a powerful, yet gentle, life-changing experience.

Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. and Danielle Weber

Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. and Danielle Weber

Here is what our office can offer you:

  • Better Overall Health
  • Enhanced Resistance to Stress
  • Improved Balance & Coordination
  • More Life Force Energy & Endurance
  • An Understanding of True Wellness
  • Increased Brain Function
  • Greater Reach & Flexibility
  • Fewer Aches & Pains
  • Stronger Immunity
  • A Clear Connection Between Mind & Body
  • An Improved Quality of Life

Why Are We Unique?

At The Intention Wellness Center, our mission revolves around our belief that Inner Peace is World Peace.  True health & happiness always comes from within. Maintaining inner calm & peace increases overall happiness. When one person is happy, it spreads to their family; when the family is at peace, it spreads to the community, the state, and so on. To change the world, we must first change ourselves.

“Inner Peace is World Peace”

Sound like something you would like to experience? Please contact our Tustin Chiropractic office to make an appointment.

The Intention Wellness Center | Phone: (714) 544-2423
507 E 1st St, Ste H | Tustin, CA 92780