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Nutritional Links

The Intention Wellness Center is proudly associated with the following Nutritional products:


Thorne Research

If you are interested in a specific product by Thorne Research Inc, please contact us and we will order it for you. Feel free to search their website by clicking here.


Heal yourself naturally with food!

Individualized Food Analysis

Heal yourself naturally with food!

Are you eating foods that are creating better health? Is your diet moving you towards true wellness or away from it? The answers to these questions will surprise you. You see, many of the foods that we eat on a daily basis because we have been taught that they are ‘good for us’ are actually creating harm to our overall health. There are always new diet trends being created, countless diet books in print, an endless amount of recommended ways of eating and a wide range of nutrition philosophies available today. Our government even has its guidelines that are supposed to lead to a healthier you. High fat, low fat, high carb, no carb, vegan, high animal protein, gluten free, etc. – It can be mind boggling trying to figure out what to eat! read more»

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