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The Weber Peace Method of Natural Healing

The Weber Peace Method is a powerful, yet very gentle, natural healing experience. Created by Vitalistic Chiropractor Dr. Jay Weber, this method is the culmination of his more than 30 years of experience in the art of hands-on healing. The main focus of this technique is to improve the overall quality of nervous system function for each individual we work with.

“While using a popular chiropractic technique on an extremely difficult case in 2002,” remembers Dr. Jay. “I inadvertently discovered an amazing biofeedback/bio-response mechanism that lies within the body. This was an exciting discovery because it led to the creation of the Vitality Index. I can now quickly, easily and objectively evaluate overall nervous system quality. Simply put, I now know exactly where each neurological imbalance exists. And most importantly, after each adjustment/healing session, I immediately know whether or not those imbalances were corrected. No more guess work.”

Intention Wellness Method

I knew this technique was powerful when I saw that my clients were healing in a fraction of the time!

Increased Nervous System Quality = Improved Quality of Life

The Weber Peace Method is a nervous system specific healing technique. Using no force (no “cracking” or “popping”), this method is gentle enough to use on all ages – newborns to the very elderly. Due to it’s increased effectiveness; this method gets results on the most difficult of cases.

“When I first created this method, the results we were witnessing in our office were much better than any of the traditional chiropractic techniques that I had previously used.” states Dr. Jay. “But now, with more than two decades of refinements and literally tens of thousands of healing adjustments performed using this method, we are routinely seeing life changing results. My clients now heal in a fraction of the time it took using the traditional chiropractic techniques that I previously used and the benefits of each session last much longer. Helping others to get more out of life has never been easier. The more I use this method, the more I love it!”

How Does This Work?

Your nervous system is your most important lifeline as it is the source of everything you think, say or do. This vital system controls everything including breathing, digestion, sleep, healing potential and stress processing.

Excess stress (physical, mental or chemical) can leave a lasting impression within your nervous system leading to a decrease in overall quality and function. Decrease the function of your nerves and you distort the expression of health in your body and mind while taxing overall vitality.

By reintroducing peace, calm and ease to your system using the Weber Peace Method, the overall quality of your nervous system improves creating an exciting rippling effect throughout your body and mind while setting the stage for enhanced quality of your life.

We believe that getting more out of life should not be a difficult task. Here at The Intention Wellness Center of Tustin we are dedicated to gently improving the overall quality of your nervous system so that you can adapt, heal and continue to grow into whatever you were meant to be.

Sound interesting? Want to get more out of your life? If you would like to experience the Weber Peace Method contact our donation-based Tustin Chiropractic office to make an appointment.

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