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The Intention Wellness Method of Natural Healing

The Intention Wellness Method was first created in 2002 by Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. He has since developed this technique into what represents a major breakthrough in the art of hands-on healing. Using a combination of ancient healing wisdom and the latest scientific information available, the Intention Wellness Method is a powerful, yet gentle, life changing, healing experience.

Intention Wellness Method

I knew this technique was powerful when I saw that my clients were healing in a fraction of the time!

“While using a popular chiropractic technique on an extremely difficult case in 2002,” remembers Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. “I inadvertently discovered an amazing biofeedback mechanism that lies within the body. This was an exciting discovery because I can now quickly, easily and objectively evaluate the entire person.”

“Since that time,” Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. continued, “I have realized that unlike most of the analysis protocols that I was taught in Chiropractic College, the Intention Wellness Method is not “just” limited to the bones of the spine. During each session, I now can now determine the state of the entire person by checking to see if the physical body, mental/emotional body & the energetic/spiritual body (body, mind & spirit) are working in concert with each other in order to allow one to experience wholeness and reach their true potential. Simply put, I now know exactly where each imbalance exists without the use of X-rays, MRI or any other diagnostic equipment. And most importantly, after each healing session, I immediately know whether or not the imbalances were corrected. No more guess work.”

The Intention Wellness Method is a spinal cord specific energy healing technique. Using no force (no “cracking” or “popping”), this method is gentle enough to use on all ages – newborns to the very elderly. Due to it’s increased effectiveness; this method gets results on the most difficult of cases.

“When I first created this method, the results we were witnessing in our office were much better than any of the traditional chiropractic techniques that I had previously used.” states Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. “But now, with more than a decade of refinements and literally tens of thousands of healing sessions performed using this method, we are literally seeing phenomenal, life changing results. My clients now heal in a fraction of the time it took using the traditional chiropractic techniques that I previously used and the benefits of each adjustment last much longer. Each and everyday I’m amazed at how well The Intention Wellness Method works. Helping others to get more out of life has never been easier. The more I use this method, the more I love it!”

How Does This Work?

Fortune tellers read the life line in the palm of a client’s hand. Cardiologists interpret the blipping life lines of a patient’s EKG. But at The Intention Wellness Center, Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. dedicates his work to the most important life line of them all… Your Spinal Cord.

Excess stress distorts the flow of Life through your spinal cord. Distort the flow of Life through your cord and you distort the expression of health in your body, mind & spirit. Happy spinal cord = High quality of life.

Here are a few early signs that the most important Life line of them all, your spinal cord, is being compromised:

Intention Wellness Method

Using a combination of ancient healing wisdom and the latest science information.

  • Brain fog & difficulty concentrating
  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Low energy or feelings of fatigue & exhaustion
  • Racing mind
  • Irritability, frustration & loss of patience over ‘little things’
  • Physical tension, aches or pain
  • Difficulty going with the flow
  • Anxiety & excess worry
  • Digestive issues (irritability, discomfort, not having daily bowel movements or bloating)
  • Depression or feelings of not belonging – Fish out of water sensation

When ignored, these signs of excess stress can become dangerous, long term health & wellness issues.

Dr. Jay Weber, D.C. is currently the only holistic health practitioner that specializes in gently restoring your spinal cord to its natural state so that you can get the most out of life. This work allows his clients to heal, adapt & reach their innate potential.

Sound interesting? Are you capable of wholeness? Want to get more out of your life? If you would like to experience the Intention Wellness Method call our Tustin Chiropractic office to make an appointment.

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