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How to Level-Up

Basics for Vitality Index Progress

We use state of the art equipment and techniques.

We use state of the art equipment and techniques.

Frequency: Consider increasing the number of visits to our office for the best results in the shortest amount of time. Frequent visits will build healing momentum and lasting results (at least 2x a month – up to 3x a week).

Air: Noticing & controlling (slowing down) your breathing throughout the day will aid the healing process & encourage your nervous system to return to its natural state of ease. Please utilize nasal breathing exclusively for both inhalation & exhalation if possible.

Water: Maintain healthy hydration by increasing your water intake while decreasing caffeine & alcohol. Completely eliminating energy/sports drinks and soft drinks (regular & diet) is also recommended.

Food: Choose real, unprocessed food with recognizable ingredients. Avoid fast food and prepackaged meals. Decrease meat, dairy and other animal based products while increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption.

Sleep: Create a consistent bed time routine. Retire around the same hour each evening and reduce screen time before sleep. Practicing nasal breathing in bed can help improve the quality of sleep.

Movement: Look Up, Stand Up & Breathe. When performed often each day, these 3 basic exercises will keep you moving. 1) Take a 5 second break from device work & look up at the ceiling. 2) For every 45 minutes of sitting, stand up for at least 5 seconds. 3) Take a slow, deep breath. Focus on utilizing the nose for both inhalation & exhalation.

Thoughts: What makes you smile? The giggles of kids, being in nature, pets, a fun activity, etc. Spending a few moments each day thinking about the things that warm your heart will have a positive and lasting impact on your nervous system.

Between Visits-Lifestyle Choices Make a Difference.
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